Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Second Day Noodle: Home

Is this home? What is home? A colleague of mine asked us what each of us associates with home. Since then the idea of home has been an unpacked suitcase in the closet of my mind. I've been in Colorado for the last two weeks and most of the time stayed at my family's house. Is that my home? No. I love it there, but it is my parent's home.

What and where is my home? Do I, can I have only one home? I know a house is not my home. I'm not crazy about the house I live in now, but it is where my home is. It is not my home, it is where my home resides.

I'm warning you now. This is going to sound very mushy. I was in Colorado for my wedding. At one point during a conversation I remember being asked why I love the  man I was about to marry. I find that an almost impossible question to answer. I can name a bazillion things I love about him, but none of those are exactly why I love him. I felt any answer I gave would take this unmeasurable feeling I have for him and reduce it down to one thing that can fit in a jar and hold a label.

So, the closest answer I could come up with that was true and did not reduce what I feel for him was that he feels like home. 

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