Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Second Day Noodle (on the Third Day): I'd rather not

Dear readers,

   FYI: This post is an expression of the frustration I am experiencing in planning my (non-traditional) wedding. 

    For the last several weeks I have been surrounded by images of wedding gowns.

     Do this one little thing for me please. Search Google images for "wedding dresses" and see how many images you find of women of color in wedding gowns. I found maybe two in the hundreds of image results.

    Now look for plus size women. Any plus size women of whatever race. Hmmmm. Hard to find, right?

    What about wedding dresses that are not stark white, frilly, lacy, fluffy, flowing and sparkly...any of those? Those as well are few and far between.

    What I see when I search for "wedding dresses" are a lot of big white dresses on skinny white women.

    I do not consider this to be aesthetically pleasing.

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