Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Second Day Noodle: Art. Therapy. Technology

How is the advancement of technology changing art? The influence of technology on pop culture can definitely be seen in contemporary art. Megumi Naitoh did a series of super pixelated portraits made from ceramic tiles.

Megumi Naitoh
ceramic tiles
H15" x W22,1/4" xD1,1/2"

And many of Xi Zhang's paintings give attention to technology and cross-cultural themes. He terms a lot of his interest as being about "Twenty-First Century DNA".

Xi Zhang
Acrylic on wood-panel
18 x 24"

These two are just a couple of artists who reference technology in their work. There's a whole other group of artists who use technology to make their work, and let's not forget viewers using technology to interact with the art work.

I wonder how our technology surge
has and will effect art therapy? One downfall I see for tech in art therapy is it not having the sensory qualities of other art therapy materials. The touch of fabric, clay, the sound of brush strokes or pencils sketching, and the smell of paint and paper is gone when using a tablet or computer. On the other hand, technology can be seen as being another artistic tool used for working with and creating visual expression. There are so many things that can be done just in Photoshop to create images and make outstanding art...and that's just one program.

Anyway, those are some thoughts I'm taking with me this weekend as I adventure into a class on technology and art therapy.

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